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Our Home Builders in Rochester, NY Offer New Homes for Sale

Wegman Companies, Inc. Homes: The Construction ProcessHomebuilders

Oftentimes, Wegman Companies, Inc. works with individuals who want to be active during their home’s construction process. Even if you don’t plan on picking up a hammer or paint roller yourself, it’s always preferable to understand the phases of construction. Making yourself familiar with the construction process saves you and our home builders in Rochester, NY lots of frustration. You’ll understand why certain aspects of the job take longer and why it sometimes appears that nothing is happening. Wegman Companies, Inc. makes it easy for you to gain a general understanding of the construction process for our new homes for sale. Read up on the different phases or call our office for more information.

New homes begin with an idea

Before we break ground on your home, we want to have a grasp on precisely what you’re looking for in a new home. Our team of home builders will sit down with you and your contractor to finalize a layout and develop a friendly rapport. Wegman Companies, Inc. wants you to feel comfortable with our team as we begin construction on your single-family home in Rochester, NY. This meeting is an excellent opportunity to clear up any initial questions and get contact information for your project manager.

Starting from the ground up for your new home

Now that the Wegman Companies, Inc. team has a concrete idea of what you’d like for your new home, it’s time to start laying the foundation. You’ll have the foundation poured with the highest quality materials and workmanship. During this phase, we’ll also begin laying the groundwork for your Rochester, NY home. This includes installing underground plumbing, underground electrical, and preventative termite treatment. While the foundation is being laid, we’re also working on scheduling future install dates for windows, material delivery, and more.

Walling off your new home near Rochester, NY

Next comes rough framing. Our team will get to work putting up exterior and interior walls, along with installing plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling systems. During this stage of the construction process, you’ll start to see the bones of your home. Our Rochester, NY home builders will schedule any inspections required by county building codes.

Watch the construction of your new house turn into a home

Here’s the phase of construction where you’ll begin to see your home come together. Our team will insulate your newly-installed walls with top-of-the-line products proven to keep outside weather conditions from seeping into your home. Wegman Companies, Inc.’s team then gets started hanging drywall throughout your home. Now that your walls look like walls, we’ll get to work painting your Rochester, NY home to your color specifications. During this stage, we also place doors and any other features that will need painting.

Installing the essentials in your Rochester, NY home

At this point in your new home’s construction, your home builders will start installing the major components of your finished single-family home. The Wegman Companies, Inc. team will schedule installations for everything from roofing to cabinets to countertops. We take special care to ensure that each material we use is of the highest quality and meets your design specifications. Any finishing touches, such as doorknobs and trim, will be added during this phase as well.

Adding the finishing touches to your new single-family home

Now comes the time to add the finishing touches to your new home in Rochester, NY. We lay carpet selections, as well as installing light fixtures and outlets. Essentials like toilets and sinks are installed, and the Wegman Companies, Inc. team checks everything to make sure it’s in proper working order. Our team doesn’t skip the details either. We’ll place everything from mirrors, all the way down to towel racks, closet rods, and shelves. Before your eyes, your construction project will morph into the new home of your dreams.

The final step to realizing your dream home

After all the construction has finished, your home will need to undergo one more phase before you and your family can move-in—inspection. First, a building code official will visit your new home and evaluate its safety. Once they deem your property safe, you’re all set to perform an inspection of your own. Walk through your new home with your project manager from Wegman Companies, Inc., and make sure everything meets your standards. We want your Rochester, NY home to be everything you wished for, so be sure to ask for any adjustments you want. With your stamp of approval, you’re all set to move into your luxurious new home.

Don’t wait – Get started today!

Construction is a lengthy process with numerous details to account for, but it’s well worth the time in the end. After the Wegman Companies, Inc. team leaves your home, you’ll take advantage of the quality materials and detail-oriented construction we’ve earned a reputation for. When you’re choosing home builders for your Rochester, NY-area townhome, don’t compromise on expertise. Our team has been in the home-building business for over 45 years. We use every minute of that experience to give you and your family the best home possible. Contact us today to get started on your dream home.