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Rochester, NY’s, Choice Senior Living Community Provider

As a leading developer for countless residents in New York, we’ve constructed several senior living communities throughout the region. We offer quality private residences and rooms, reliable personal care services and on-site staffing, and enjoyable activities for seniors. No matter your specific needs, we’ll ensure you feel comfortable, cared for, and respected. Our on-site staff is professionally vetted and accredited to provide our tenants with the best treatment, and we’re happy to answer all your questions. If you or a loved one is considering a senior living community read our FAQ below for more information or contact us today.

What are the benefits of a senior living community?

We’ve created our senior living communities to cater to residents wanting to enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life throughout their golden years. We offer a wide range of senior living options that include private cottage and home residencies and in-facility private rooms. Care for those with memory-related issues.  Healthcare is a priority for all our residents so we’re proud to offer on-site trained staff that can see to your day-to-day needs, help administer any medications or provide you with out-patient services. We also offer easy shuttle access to nearby hospitals and clinics at many of our locations. All of our senior living communities offer a wide range of entertainment, exercise, and excursion programs and we’re always happy to help build the community through local events, celebrations, and get-togethers. Contact us today to find out more about our site-specific senior living programs.

What activities are available in senior living communities?

We offer daily activities and monthly events that can make your stay with us a special one. From the private clubhouse and pool access to community fitness centers, beautifully manicured landscaping and trails, activity, and media rooms, and more. Every senior-living community maintains a wide variety of classes, excursions, and monthly celebrations to encourage community, recognize birthdays, and celebrate holidays. Connect with us now for more information.

What are the dining options available in these communities?

In most cases, a dining plan is included with your monthly fees. Our chefs create delicious dishes and local favorites, and we can cater to specific dietary needs and offer vegetarian options as well.

What can I expect to pay?

Your monthly fee will typically include a meal plan, access to all of our facilities and can incorporate any specific on-site personal care you may need. As each resident has unique needs and requirements, our fees may vary. Feel free to contact our office in Rochester, NY, today to speak to a representative for more information.

What is the guest policy?

At Wegman Companies, we understand how important family is, that’s why we’re happy to encourage family and friends to visit your private residence whenever you’d like. You may also reserve the clubhouse or private Dining Room for special events and celebrations. While we do have some limitations on the length of stay your guests may have, we’re happy to accommodate any special request. Contact us today.


Contact us today for more information.